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11 December 2015, New work, Would you like to leave a comment?

Based on the Gundestrup Cauldron, this bowl is my latest commissioned piece and features some fantastic detailing by local woodcarver, Richard Kennedy…

Made from silver, the original cauldron dates from between 200 BC - 300 AD and is thought to be one of the earliest examples of Iron Age silverwork. It was discovered in a Danish peat bog in 1891 and is now on show at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen.

This version incorporates aspects of the original design, but retaines the slender profile of my other works. The detail in the carving is incredible and the raised outer rim is featured in the cauldron itself...




Jonathan Leech

Written by Jonathan Leech

Jonathan Leech is a woodturner working and living in Cumbria. He specialises in making bowls, dishes and platters from local sustainably sourced timber. Read more or about Jonathan or see a selection of his work.

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  1. Gravatar of harold ogden
    harold ogden11 December 2015 09:51

    What an excellent piece of work, lovely markings.
    I am sure my daughter will love it.

  2. Gravatar of harold ogden
    harold ogden11 December 2015 09:53

    What a lovely piece of work, beautiful markings.
    I know my daughter will be delighted.


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