A week of rough turning...

15 July 2014, Woodturning in practice, Would you like to leave a comment?

Just thought I’d post some photos of the bowl blanks I’ve been turning, since my chain sawing session two weeks ago. Most of them have natural edges and there’s a couple of really big ones too.

Here’s them all piled up in the workshop – the shavings lying on the ground represent only two bags worth out of the twenty five I produced! The large blank on the right hand side could be one of my largest yet…


Quite a few of the fruit bowls have some lovely bark inclusions visible too.  These inclusions almost separate them into sections, so I do hope they stay in one piece…


Not all of my time is spent on the lathe – sweeping up all these shavings takes a while...


I should also be selling firewood too!


Jonathan Leech

Written by Jonathan Leech

Jonathan Leech is a woodturner working and living in Cumbria. He specialises in making bowls, dishes and platters from local sustainably sourced timber. Read more or about Jonathan or see a selection of his work.

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  1. Gravatar of Thomas
    Thomas23 July 2014 09:47

    Hi Jonathan

    I love to read your blog, keep up the good work! I would be very happy to have such big yew.

  2. Gravatar of Jonathan Leech
    Jonathan Leech24 July 2014 08:41

    Hi Thomas,
    I'm so pleased you like the blog - I've just finished turning my stack of yew, but there's another tree coming next week!

    All the best, Jonathan

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