An artistic woodturner

I have a passion for working with wood, expressing its natural beauty within a contemporary design.

My relationship with wood began almost by chance, when working temporarily for top Cumbrian furniture-maker, Danny Frost. Since then, what started as a part-time job has become not only a full-time career, but also my passion.

I’ve spent most of my life in the Cumbrian countryside and combine my other keen interests – cycling and walking – with searching for beautiful and unusual pieces of timber. All my wood is locally-sourced and is obtained sustainably, for example from fallen or storm-damaged trees. It’s then air- and kiln-dried before being shaped by hand into a bowl, dish or platter. The final stages include fine sanding and finishing with lemon oil, to give a perfectly smooth finish.

These processes ensure my products are happy in any environment, including centrally-heated rooms.

My preferred style is ‘minimalist’, using a simple design which allows the wood to express its own qualities. This often includes natural edges, knot-holes, burrs, spalting, and other naturally-occurring imperfections. Each piece is truly unique.

You can find my work in several Cumbrian galleries and in National Trust shops throughout the North of England. I also take commissions, and can design and produce items from your own timber if desired.

A selection of turned wooden bowls