Stunning walnut bowl...

27 June 2018, New work, Would you like to leave a comment?

Hand, made, walnut, wooden, bowl

I’ve just completed this amazing bowl, which has been sourced from local timber. Turned from an extra large blank, it measures over 21” across.

I acquired the wood for this piece many years ago and have been air drying it ever since. Walnut is often full of cracks and rarely found in large sections - especially here in Cumbria! After a month in the kiln, it was bone dry and ready to be mounted on the lathe. Luckily, walnut is a pleasure to turn, so didn’t present too many problems - it’s just a shame it’s the only blank I have!

The grain markings are incredible...


I didn’t expect to see those ripples running through the base and that bark inclusion is superb…


The bark inclusion runs right through both sides...


Lets hope I find some more of this beautiful wood in the future…

Jonathan Leech

Written by Jonathan Leech

Jonathan Leech is a woodturner working and living in Cumbria. He specialises in making bowls, dishes and platters from local sustainably sourced timber. Read more or about Jonathan or see a selection of his work.

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